I am Love Healing Center

I Am Love Healing Center

About Kat

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you will find something here that will speak to you and your needs or curiosity.

I am a mother of three teens that keep me on my feet 24/7, who have taught me more than I could ever teach them and they are the reason I am here and committed to being the best example of love, service and living a joyful life.

My spiritual journey started when I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at the age of 32.  After the initial angry phase, and feeling sorry for myself I started to ask myself questions to figure out what my illness was teaching me. What was the lesson I was to learn from this?  I realized I had been silencing myself, my needs, my voice, my opinions…my true self.  I was doing this to please others, to keep the peace. I had a smile on my face but inside I was screaming. 

 Having cancer SAVED MY LIFE. It gave me an opportunity  to ask myself some hard questions, to make changes and to create a new life for myself.  A life where I speak my truth, honor my needs and I can be my true authentic self. This was very hard as I had to let go of relationships, old habits , my victimhood, my guilt and the negativity that I carried. The reward:  a life I could never have even dreamed of, love for  myself, new relationships, new opportunities and new dreams.

I started learning Reiki four years ago and shortly after I realized I have done this before and my purpose was to help bring healing to this world.

I recently moved to Simcoe and realized my dream of opening a Healing Center that includes various healing methods that can be used at the same time to produce quick and profound results.

I have discovered I am an intuitive healer. Sometimes I will feel your physical pain, your emotions, see images of past lives or organs in need of healing.  I am able to connect to your energy and then use my  intuition to understand your needs, so no two treatments are ever the same.

I have recently been guided to work with men experiencing touch starvation- which includes education about the topic and ways to recover.  It has been a very healing and rewarding experience. For more info about touch starvation please visit my Services page and check out a podcast I was on to discuss this topic


My goals is to remind you that you are loved and  make you feel safe and cared for.  Once your body, mind and spirit are calm and secure, the healing begins. 

Healing yourself is life changing for you and your loved ones.  It will effect our future generations and humankind as a whole.

 Lets spread love and healing together!