I am Love Healing Center

I Am Love Healing Center

~ Testimonials from past clients~

“If you are going through a rough time in life this is the place to go too. She helped me through a rough time in life and I could never repay her fort that. And she stays in touch to see how I am doing after 12 months, Thank you Kat”


“So I have been to see Kat a few times and every time has been the most amazing massage I have ever had. Kat is a true professional of her craft and I highly recommend going to see her.”


“I highly recommend Kat she is gracious and kind. Her intuition and healing is powerful. I always leave feeling the love and positive energy.”


“I go to this healing center. The lady is beautiful and helped me in my journey of heart pain. She is wonderful. If you are ready for some healing, and relaxation I promise she is the person to see for anything.”


“The first time I walked into Kat’s house the smell in the air and the smile on her face was enough for me to know I made the right decision to come and see her. Yes my anxiety was off the roof but the more we talked the more I relaxed and I am learning how to turn my thought process around and set boundaries for myself which I have never done before. I have learned to not over think or over analyze every situation and if I do then take credit for all the accomplishments that I made that day or week and not be so hard on myself for the little hiccups along the way. Kat is not here to fix me ..that’s on me. She’s here to be a raw truthful amazing friend to help guide me in my self love discovery and how to effectively communicate without emotional triggers. Kat has made me feel safe and I can rely on her to tell me straight out if I am being unrealistic in my expectations.  Amazing things happen when you start putting boundaries down and start loving yourself.  Thank you Kat for helping me find me and going on this journey with me.”

“Kat provides a truly unique and loving experience that is almost difficult to put into words. She makes you feel incredibly loved and cared for in a short amount of time. Her demeanor and energy puts you at ease and allow you to open up. I’m very thankful for the advice and wisdom I have received from Kat. I highly recommend taking the time to go and see her.”
“Kat is a wonderful ,sweet gentle woman who I have had the pleasure of having several massages with. I have enjoyed my massages with you,  the treatment and guidance you’ve offered has been very supportive and you’ve helped with my stress level do to my crazy job. I go in stressed but leave relaxed, calm and most of all relieved of my stress and feeling good. Here’s to many more massages with you Kat and thank you so much”
“This wonderful, kind lady moves energies ‘in a way you will not’not notice and is one of the purest loving souls I’ve ever had the honor and privilege to know and call a friend”
“Hi Kat, thanks for an amazing time.  You truly are a genuine person. Warm, kind, genuinely interested in sharing your warm personality that carries loads of positive energy. Loved every minute that I spent n still trying to figure out how 3 hours flew by. Once again thanks a lot. Genuinely appreciated every minute with you. Thanks a lot.”
“Kat is a beautiful, gentle, caring individual who makes you feel comfortable and accepted throughout the entire session. She genuinely cares about people deeply and offers much warm energy while with you. You would be missing out if you didn’t book with her. Can’t wait for my next time!!”
“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you today and it was such a positive experience. When I got in my car and started to drive it was almost like I was high, very hard to put feelings into words. As my comfort level increased the experience just got better. Thank you it brought out emotions I haven’t felt in a while.”
“First time receiving a Reiki session – very relaxing and in my case informative. Kat explained things to me that were personal and she feels things deeply and intuitively. Eye opener, thank you, look forward to another visit.”
“Great service. Kat is a very compassionate and warm person who offers man different services. Her center is set up well and very welcoming. If you are in need of healing she is the person to see.”