Master Self-Love


6 weeks to master Self-Love


I invite you to break free from the shackles of years of accumulated trauma, releasing the weight of negative emotions like anger, judgment, guilt, and shame that may have been an obstacle to your  self-love. Together, we will embark on a cathartic process that will cleanse your body and mind, making room for the radiant light of love, joy, and self-acceptance to flood in.

I will guide you to set and maintain healthy boundaries, practice essential self-care, and embrace the unique essence that is you. By investing in yourself through this workshop, you’ll witness your life undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis, as you step into a future filled with greater self-worth, resilience, and boundless happiness. This will have an incredibly positive ripple effect on the relationships  and you will become their role model for self love and acceptance.

6 Weekly 90 min sessions



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